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Threatened evictions of Tembeya Village in Chipata

Tembeya Village located in the Eastern part of Zambia in Mambwe District which is approximately 90km from Chipata town. In 2021, Mr. Yousef Mutala claimed to have acquired 1,000 hectors of land in Tembeya Village through Chief Jumbe belonging to 31 households and issued eviction notices to the occupants of the land. The occupants of the land which are about 31 households also claimed to have acquired the land through the chief and produced letters which proved that the land that was occupied was given to them by the Chief. In addition, the community members also claimed to have paid the chief for the land. 

It is reported that individual attempts were made to offer the community members alternative land that was rejected. The land offered was either occupied and was full of stones and not fertile. Cases of intimidation to force community members to vacate have also been reported. The affected community members have made attempts to resolve this conflict with the Chief but there has been no resolution as there were reported leadership disputes within the Chiefdom. Currently the affected community members have been served with eviction notices and there has been no engagement among the community the Chiefdom and Mr. Yousef Mutala.

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