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Threatened evictions of and violations of environmental rights for Uranium Mining in Muntanga area of Siavonga.

Namulanga, Kasambo, Hamalundu, Chiyobeka Muntanga are villages in Siavonga District of Southern province in Chief Sinadambwe’s Chiefdom.  GoviEx Uranium, a Canada-based mineral resource company focused on African uranium properties, which is also developing the Madaouela uranium project in Niger, is undertaking uranium mining in the Siavonga district. GoviEx Uranium acquired the Matunga project from Denison Mines in 2016. 

The project threatens to displace 200 households. Explorations mining activities are done near peoples dwellings and near the streams, this threatening the health and safety of individuals. FIAN Zambia has undertaken preliminary documentation of the situation and has raised concerns to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) on the pollution of the stream, unsecured mining waste, and unsecured drilling wells.

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